Our Story

It is our dream to bring these jar bags to life and bring them to you - our daily jar friends.

We are part of the revolution in helping bring purity back to food and the earth.

It is a joy to be alive and feel the power of connection in the spreading of health information. 

One morning, my husband handed me one of his amazing smoothies. I went to somehow configure it in my bag and with the jar clanging he heard me say.... ahhh- I wish I had a bag that was actually good at carrying jars!!  He said, let’s do it- let’s make them...

When we create our nutrient rich food we want to be able to carry it around with us!! Its that simple!!!!

We have learned through all the ups and downs of creating and manufacturing these products that it is just like taking care of your health in this world today -you have to work hard to find the truth.  But, the proof is in the chia pudding.